Meanwhile in Cuckooland 112

It seems that after last elections, the characters and issues from first chapters of this series are coming back. It’s a true blast from the past. For example, it just emerged, that Edmund Janniger, one of the Antoni Macierewicz’ adolescent “advisors” is still assisting his former principal. Sure, Antoni Macierewicz today is just a regular […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 110

Last week was unusually quiet in Polish politics. Probably because all the parties are planning how to begin the new term of the parliament. The only decision to be made was for the president to officially appoint Senior Speakers of both chambers of the parliament. In Poland, the Senior Speaker is mostly a honourable position: […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 108

The results of the election hardly surprised anyone. The biggest opposition coalition, led by Platforma Obywatelska, failed to take PiS head on. Results of other opposition groups – the Left, PSL and Kukiz and extremely right wing Konfederacja – proved what was known by most, apart from the Platforma Obywatelska leaders, for many years now: […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 103

How time flies! It’s mid-July already! It’s July already?!?! — Calvin and Hobbes (@Calvinn_Hobbes) 1 lipca 2018 And even if there is nothing major happening in Polish politics, after the dust from European Elections settled down, it does not mean, that there weren’t any significant events taking place. Some of them were organized by […]