Butterfly Effect

by Martyna Sokołowska Translated, edited and additional commentary by Tomasz Oryński Every day army of young wannabe journalists fill the space in the Daily Mail and other British tabloids with bits and pieces they find on the Internet or from news agencies. They wade through oceans of data in search of the stories that they […]

Smash those Ciapaks, with a holy picture if need be.

“Boję się ciapaków” – told me my old university friend. Intelligent, educated, with a diploma in difficult field from a leading Polish university. “Ciapak” is a Polish racial slur for Muslims and Arabs, but also for Indian people and other people with a darker skin. The closest English equivalent would be “Paki”. “I fear Ciapaks” – […]

Is London Council really banning commemoration of Polish Battle of Britain pilots?

On the polish right wing portal wprawo.pl an article was published. It was entitled “Allies? London council prevented laying flowers at the Polish War Monument”. This text tells a dramatic history of Polish War Veterans who were forced to leave their flowers at the padlocked gate after “annual Polish celebrations” were banned due to complaints from local residents […]