On relations between Poles and Jews

The topic of Polish-Jewish relations recently often draws international attention. Depending of who’s talking, we can hear about Polish anti-Semitism, Jewish anti-Polonism and attempts to rewrite history coming from everywhere. Infamous Polish law penalising attribution of Nazi crimes to Poles was met with the outrage after it was portrayed by Jewish communities as yet another […]

Kaczyński’s Golem

I need to take break from my “Meanwhile in Cuckooland” series, as the matter in question is not funny. Jarosław Kaczyński rise to power was build on fuelling xenophobic moods in the society and flirting with extreme right. My first ever piece for Britske Listy was pointing out this very problem. Today, actions of PiS […]

Poland – a divided country

The construction of the alternative universe of PiS, that I described few years back in my first article for Britske Listy (English version here), was an overwhelming success. This system of interlocking conspiracy theories and alternative version of history appeals to many Poles, who believe in it. And “believe” is the right word here, as similarities […]