Meanwhile in Cuckooland 229

In recent weeks we got a bit distracted from our typical direction and investigated the Polish musical market and then got shocked by the level of villainy represented by the ruling party media and supporters that led to a death of a young boy. But what was actually happening in “regular Absurdistan things” recently? Related […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 225

The Christmas season started with a bang this winter. The bang was big and loud, and took place in the Police National Headquarters. Luckily nobody died, but the explosion caused significant damage to the building. Luckily despite there being through holes between two floors, there was no structural damage, but the cost of repair will […]

You are not so great, Britain. Chapter 3: Britain is a world-leading democracy. Or is it?

Britain is very proud of its democracy. You can often hear soundbites like “world-leading”, “well-established” or “historic”. Sure, Magna Carta and other things were good – for their time. But it’s the XXI century. Is Britain’s democracy suitable for the times we live in? Can it be even considered a modern democracy at all? Related […]