Leftist Drivel on Finnish politics.

Our listeners were asking us about Finnish politics. We know nothing about Finnish politics, so we invited a true Finn to explain it to us. As the conversation took place in English, we decided to publish the English version too as well.

So if you are curious:
– what are the main political powers in Finland
– what were the changes after most recent election
– what is the power of the trade union movement
– who is the new president of Finland
– how Aland Islands fit into the rest of Finland
– if Sanna Marin was as popular in Finland as when was in Europe
– and if Finland is at risk of slipping into right wing populism because of rising popularity of the True Finns party

then this is a podcast for you to listen to! 😉

On the cover we used a meme depicting Moomin character on the political compass, we don’t know the author. 



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