Celebrities that matter to you

I am not interested in celebrities, but recent developments in that field cannot be ignored.  British media are already on full-blown diarrhea on the subject of birth of the Royal Baby. Tabloids are racing to be first to inform about such important and unheard of developments as “grandma and granddad visited hospital” or “members of […]

Je suis Voltaire

Recent atrocities in Charlie Hebdo yet again shaked our sense of security and provoked discussions: some call for revisions of our relations with Islam, other – including French president François Hollande – argue, that the attackers had nothing to do with Islam. It is important that while discussing the fanaticism, one does not loose his […]

Aye people

„What now? Are you going to litter the whole neighborhood again with that crap? It is beyond belief how much paper is wasted to fulfill wet dreams of that idiot and this cow of his!” – elderly lady walking the street with her york was obviously not too happy with us blocking the pavement outside […]

Do it yourself

Recently published tapes did no good to the Polish politicians ratings. It emerged that despite in private they share views of many of their voters, they do nothing to meet their expectation. Still they feel no hesitation from paying a restaurant bill equal to supermarket cashier’ monthly salary from public money. But the fact that […]