Prawo i Sprawiedliwosć sticks out middle finger to its voters.

The number of the hard line Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) followers remains constant and it would not be sufficient to ensure its victory. Therefore apart from people’s disaffection to Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform), it owes it’s success to the people, who believed in their picture that new people have taken over and Beata Szydło’s […]

Refugees like us

  Although for the few years we managed to maintain a feeling that tragedy in Syria is „someone else’s problem”, today we cannot ignore it any longer – those „someones” are already here, they are at our borders, they camp at the Slovenian borders or try to cross in leaky bathtubs across Mediterrain Sea. So […]

Our dear Church

Contrary to popular opinion, Poland is not homogeneously Catholic country. Moreover, even Polish Catholics are deeply divided over many issues regarding their church. The subject that provokes exceptionally heated discussion is the question of greediness of church officials. Many Poles may look down at Czechs and treat them mostly as purveyors of good beer and […]

Two sad movies about happiness

“Return of the idiot” (“Návrat idiota”) and “Something like happiness” (“Štěstí“) are two movies dealing with the interpersonal relations. In both of them the viewer follow a group of Czech people from the small city, who live their ordinary lives and try to find happiness. Although at first sight both movies appear very similar (even the […]