Polish media under fire. A great transformation, or a standard changing of the guard?

Screenshot: Visegrad Revue
Screenshot: Visegrad Revue

The overall transformation from public to national media seems to be an indispensable part of PiS’ “conservative revolution”. But Europe looks with worry upon the new Polish government’s introducing new laws, purging the public media and attempting to smother criticism. Changes have never been conducted with such great momentum, on such a scale and with so great a disregard for the opposition.


The ruling party, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS, Law and Justice), explains its actions by “the need to return the media to Poles”. They claim that Polish commercial media are owned by foreigners, and as such are feeding Poles Western propaganda. Jarosław Kaczyński believes that “the Polish media system is sick” and his subordinates call for the “re-Polonization of the media”. 1 As for public TV, PiS claims that it doesn´t “provide cover for Polish raison d’etat, but leans toward opinions hostile to Poland”… 2

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This article was written for Visegrad Revue