Kaczyński wins. So does Poland as well?

Screen: Visegrad Revue
Screen: Visegrad Revue

In last month’s parliamentary elections in Poland, the right-wing Law and Justice Party won a clear majority. With the opposition abated, they are now setting their sights on rewriting the constitution and dramatically changing the Polish political system. But will they succeed?

The outcome of Poland’s parliamentary elections wasn’t a surprise to anyone. A strong victory of the right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS), led by former Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, the twin brother of the late President Lech Kaczyński, over the center-right Civic Platform Party (PO), which led the government for the last 8 years, was almost certain, as the long time demise of its popularity has been clearly visible in the polls. Without any real opposition, the PiS could be left to their own agendas – one of those would be their desire to rewrite the constitution, in order to give the President more power while curtailing the rights of Polish citizens…

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