How anti-Muslim hysteria is being spinned up in Poland

It turns out that you don’t have to do much. It’s enough just to place a suggestion, slight reticence, perhaps even without any wrongdoing in mind, and the shit surfaces immediately. Let’s see how it works on the case study of a news story on the Polish portal regarding an event that has happened today in Glasgow. 

“MIGHTY EXPLOSION IN GLASGOW RESTAURANT! The event took place at Belander Street in Glasgow. As a result of the explosion part of the building, in which restaurant was located, had collapsed. Flats adjacent to restaurant were also affected. Number of injured is yet to be confirmed.” 

I have to say I am quite impressed with onet journalist’s creativity. Not only explosion, but also casualities and destroyed homes… But, to be fair, maybe it’s not their doing. Maybe they just translated the story from one of British tabloids. But while Britons already changed their story to reflect the truth, at 17:59 British time still reports about mighty explosion.

The comments under Polish articles emerged soon. For those, who suspect who’s behind the explosion, those comments are just confirmation of their fears. Let’s take a look at few of the best rated ones. Certain Vooyek does not say anything ex plicite, but he does have his suspicions. After all, Western Countries are punishing those, who oppose islamic terrorism:

“When i wrote this morning, this fire in France is not a coincidence, but yet another job of Islamist “sleeper” my comments were heavily downrated. Strangely, we read about explosion in the UK, also in the restaurant. But I guess this is just a coincidence.  P.S: Are you aware that the man, who filmed and tried to dissuade Monachium terrorist from killing people during last terrorism act here was accused? The reason was that he said that if he had a gun, he would shoot him down. It turned out that he smeared his name and now he is in trouble. I recommend that you look for that information in the German press and internet portals”


Certain Rebe leaves less space for speculations. For him it’s just another confirmation of his beliefs:

“This is just another proof that in Western “progresiwe” JEWrope a mistery virus of psychical disease is spreading. It touches migrants exlusively, and solely Muslim ones. This virus was first in Germany, then it jumped over to France and now it spread over La Manche and is now in England. From there, it’s just a short jump over the Atlantic. So called “Mad migrant disease” is spread through widely understood housekeeping tools: knifes, axes, razors and machettes, but also home made explosive devices. Let’s hope that Polish government will introduce embargo for all sharp objects from the West, and to be sure for the whole domestic appliances sector”  

Małgorzata is not at all surprised. She knows perfectly who the perpetrator was, despite that you-know-who in desperate attempt of sweeping the matter under the carpet are going to write that he was mentally ill:

“Why I am not surpsised at all? The perpetrator surely was mentally ill. What a bullshit everywhere, and sweeping under the carpet. It’s TRAGEDY, pure TRAGEDY. Soon people will be afraid to go out to the shops, to the cinema or restaurant. All businesses will go bankrupt, and in the Radio and TV we will hear about next nutcase. All those mentally ill ones should be sent back to when them came from”

She is supported by another commenter, who demands information. But that has to be “true” information (which propably means, one that confirms his suspicions) if he is to believe them!

tylko prawda
“We are waiting impatiently for the information who caused that explosion. But no beating around the bush here!!!”

Luckily, he is soon provided with the information he demanded:

“I am answering withoug beating around the bush. (…) The perpetrator was mentally ill again. he forgot to close the tap on the gas valve. Allegedly he knew Nice driver from the same mental insitution” 

He is suported by yet another Pole who seems to be struggling with interpunction of his native language. Despite the obstacles he managed to provide us with a smart observation related to recent Brexit referendum:

“machete men are speaking they just sit in hiding for a time and again and lefties think that they stopped christianity was bad you have good islam poles were bad you have good coloured”

One can also see deeper analysis on that subject:

“Stupidity of Scots is enormous. Perhaps their avarice prevails and won’t allow them to leave the UK and give up the protection England provides to the Islands”

By the way it turns out that British right wing narration that portrays Polish emigration to Britain as poor people washing dishes for pennies and living a 10 per flat sells well in Poland as well:

“Since the flat next to the restaurant was destroyed, I am afraid about the lives of our countrymates who washed dishes there, so propably lived there. Knowing living conditions over there, it could be inhabited by over a dozen of our fellow Poles”

A certain Huzare tries to see positive side to Glasgow terrorism act:

“Contrary to appearances raise in attacks carried over by lone wolves can be a good sign. If the forces of an army are beaten then only partisan fight remains. Perhaps ISIS leaders see that end is getting near and try to prevent this from happening, so they call for spreading terror in the coalition states in order to force those states to withdraw their forces under pressure of its citizens”

Commentators are proving superiority of the Western culture by spreading Christian compassion and mercy. That being said, the fact that England and Scotland are not the same countries seem to be too hard to grasp for some of them:

“I am all for it. Let those English bastards know the feeling of their bloody colonisation of the world! And secondly, their utterly stupid contemporary politics! Let them fuckers die like flies! They well deserved it!”

Similar level of mercy is shown by the internet user using nickname “Let’s pray for that country to cease existence, hahahahahahahaha”:

“I defecate on you, English bastards, and I hope you all going to be slaughtered soon”

And what is the truth about events in Glasgow? 

Let’s have a look again at the picture from the onet article. We can see that the pub is located in one storey building. It’s flat roof is surrounded by a small wall. As you could see, at the bottom of that small wall little trees started to grow. Those trees, ignored by the factors, grew to be big enough to damage the wall with their roots and so it fell to the pavement below. According to BBC gas engineers turned out to the site:


but this is completely standard procedure – they have a duty to check if the gas network remains safe. BBC informs as well that ambulances also turned up, but they found bobody injured. According to STV people from surround buildings had to be evacuated until the emergency services had a chance to check everything and confirm that the location is absolutely safe.

This is confirmed by a Glasgow Pole, Mirosław Grzybowski, who lives nearby. He placed a comment trying to correct information provided by Onet. According to him, other commenters answered with following words: “Get lost, you propagandist vagabond! Nobody asked your opinion. Go, search for those more stupid than you! Brainwash them and encourage them to love your “explosive” company!”
At the time of writing this article those coments appear to be deleted.

So there is one question remaining: was that onet “journalist” who tuned up a bit information provided by British media with all those “facts” about enourmous explosion, damaged flats and casualities trying to spin up the scaremongering of Poles with Muslim refugees? Or it was just a plain stupidity and desperate attempt to change a completely insignificant story in a succesful click bait?



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