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Poland is really struggling in the war for the survival of civilisation. Everyone is against us. Forget Germans and Russians, our biggest enemies. Today even kind Czechs are after us, illegally dumping their waste in our country. EU is useless and there is no chance, that that bunch of leftist puffs is going to help us in any way. We wanted to help them – and therefore gave them a chance to elect Beata Szydło as a chairman of one of the commissions –  not once, but TWICE. But, apparently, someone who, unlike most of the MEPs, do respect European and democratic values (according to Beata Szydło at least), cannot be tolerated by those rampant leftists idiots in Brussels.

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Serves them right. According to Tomasz Domalewski, a popular publicist from Kraków, the Euro Parliament does not deserve for Beata Szydło to hold any function in it at all. They had their chance, and they blew it. She crushed them before with her brilliant speeches, proving her superiority, now she can focus on some more worthwhile things.

But, back to that war. Poland stands to leftist Europe like Asterix’s village to the Roman Empire, being the only remaining defender of Christian values. And the enemies are plentiful. Even environmental movement calling to save Earth from the climate catastrophe is an attack on Christian values – so says deputy minister of Environment. On the other flank, Poland is attacked by “rainbow plague” – as kindly nicknamed the LGBT rights movement one of the archbishops. (Ironically, there are pictures of him wearing an ornate decorated with rainbow). LGBT people are now putting the public in danger, sparking the violence by allowing the Pride march to happen. Luckily the local PiS councillors were there, commanding the groups of violent thugs attacking the march.

But not all towns are so lucky. Some are ruled by the opposition. And they are openly showing their love to the Germans. In Gdańsk, one of the vintage pre-war trams was restored to its pre-war condition, and so it displays “Danzig” as it’s destination. According to TVP it shows, that Gdańsk city council openly glorifies the city’s Nazi past…

Such provocations are everywhere. In Warsaw, one of the NGO’s planned to display a provocative banner “Warsaw is free from fascism”. How dare they, on 1st of August when the whole nation celebrates its capitol standing up against Nazis in Warsaw Uprising? Moreover, stickers with a symbol of the Polish Underground with the slogan “against fascism” underneath was distributed. Isn’t it “spitting on this holy symbol, spitting on Catholics, spitting on Christians”? At least one PiS councillor thinks so:

(To be fair, she later retracted from her statement and said that she was outraged because she believes that national symbols should not be used as an attack on PiS, but I am not sure now, does she claims that PiS is a fascist party, or what?).

We have to fight them on the streets, but we also have to fight them in the schools: prosecutors from Bydgoszcz are investigating headteacher from local primary who insulted Poles and the Polish nation by “accepting and publishing on the school site the new logo of the school that includes a rainbow, and for placing in the words of the school anthem references to the Sun, which is a profanation of the Polish Nation in regard to its Christian values”. In Toruń a 10 years old Ukrainian boy glorified Stepan Bandera, and a young Polish patriot had to politely ask him to refrain from praising those responsible for Volyn massacres. And for his courage, the case was reported to child services! Well, the school says that the Polish boy was actually bullying students of foreign descent, but we won’t believe such leftist smears!

Luckily those, who suffered from leftist and/or hostile ideology in primary schools can get some education later in life. The Institute of National Remembrance provides a chance to learn the truth about the LGBT movement. From the lecture of prof. Marek Chodakiewicz one can learn, amongst other things, that:
– gay people were inserting live hamsters into their anuses as the way to prevent catching AIDS.
– that LGBT ideology is just a tool for the revolutionaries that aim to destroy all norms, and then lock all heterosexual people in the camps;
– that Christianity teaches us – even non-believers – that we should love and respect each other. F*cking each other’s “cocoa eye” is nothing like that;
– that Marquise de Sade practices anal sex as an ideological demonstration of his hate towards God, as nothing offends God as much, as throwing one’s semen into the faeces…

If you are into masochism, you can watch the whole lecture here.

And what Poland gets from being Europe’s last line of defence? Not only we have to fight our enemies inside and outside, but we also have to cope with the influx of refugees. According to pro-government media, hundreds of Swedish people demand asylum in Poland, as they can’t feel safe in their own country, destroyed by Muslims and LGBT ideology.

* * *

I think we are pretty much up to date with the recent events as seen through the lenses of pro-government media. Meanwhile, in real-world, Polish government yet again undermines the rule of law by claiming that administrative decision is more important than the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court. The church succeeded in deterring Poles from it – the rate of young people quitting church is highest in the world and this year in Olsztyn there was not a single candidate to the seminary which has not happened in Poland for decades. The schoolchildren are not sexualised, they are just being a kind and good ones – as one man learned when a small girl on the bicycle handed him a significant sum of money in cash saying that “mom taught her, that one should help other people” then cycled away (luckily the police managed to track parents of the generous girl). The gay people do not roam the streets naked or masturbate in public (unlike a certain Polish football fan caught on camera in Latvia). PiS cadres seem to be also not as qualified as they claim: the newly elected chairwoman of the Seniors Council in Chełm introduced herself with the following words: “My name is Stanisława Jakubczyk. I am from PiS. I do nothing in life. I don’t know who recommended me. I got a phone call from the city hall that I am to be on this council” – which was a bit awkward, especially that by definition Council of Seniors is not supposed to have any political affiliations…

The revolution in Polish shipping industry also somehow did not happen. 2017 celebrations of the beginning of the construction of the new ferry turned to be just a cheap propaganda stunt. The only development was a discovery, that this piece of metal, that prime minister Morawiecki affixed the commemorative plaque to, was simply a freshly painted piece of scrap, and as for now, there is still nobody interesting in buying this airy-fairy vessel.

But there is some movement in Radom. The airport terminal that was there since 2014 had been knocked down and needs to be replaced by the new one, as the old one apparently cannot cope with the passenger traffic. I guess it had to be really small terminal, as the total number of passengers at this terminal for the last 5 years was 19538, which is no surprise, as the airport in this location makes no sense. But Radom is a PiS’s lair, and having an airport there is a matter of ambition, so they are happy to throw hundreds of millions of public money at it. It’s kind of Potemkin’ village, they even organized guided tours.

The schools, already overcrowded due to catastrophic educational reform that resulted in doubling this year’s number of high school candidates – as kids who completed 8 years primary have to compete with those, who went with the old system of 6 years primary and 3 years gymnasium – are now struggling to find teachers. No wonder, as during recent teacher’s strikes the government-controlled media did everything to embitter parents and the rest of society towards teachers, portraying them as greedy and lazy, so many of them have decided they have enough and found themselves better-paid jobs (which was not a challenge, as even supermarket cashiers are paid better than teachers in Poland). And so Warsaw only is short of 1300 teachers

Apparently, PiS cannot learn from their own mistakes – two years ago doctors went on strike, arguing that unless they will be actually able to survive on their salaries, they are going to emigrate. One of PiS MP’s cried in the parliament “Let them go”. And so they went. News about hospitals being closed due to lack of staff are becoming a regular occurrence now (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here…)

But the biggest scandal of recent days is the story of the speaker of the parliament, who demanded government planes to carry him (and his family) home for the weekends using procedures reserved for emergencies. The government tries to cover it, but the catastrophic scale of this abuse of power emerged to media despite records going missing and journalists being fed with lies by the press service. The whole scandal began, when it emerged, that his family travels on government jet (according to some witnesses sometimes even without the speaker himself). The public was outraged and was not buying into the line of defence that “plane is going anyway, so there is no additional cost” so the speaker was ordered by Kaczyński to pay the equivalent of regular plane fares that his family would otherwise have to pay to Caritas. Poles were not amused.

Imagine you are caught in a tram without a valid ticket and argue that it makes no difference as the tram will go with or without you. And then, when this argument failed to convince the ticket examiner, you say “OK, OK, stop nagging, I will pay 32 crowns to charity if that makes to shut you up”. Except, that unlike ticket examiner, PiS thinks that this solves the problem.

* * *

And so, you can now understand why media controlled by PiS choose their message so carefully. They cannot allow the public to focus on what is really happening in the country. Instead, they add to the fire of the imagined war of civilisations. The masses have to be told, that they are under threat, and only following their strong leadership, ready to stand against all enemies, can bring the country to salvation. For PiS, this vehicle is fighting against demoralisation brought by the LGBT rights movement, and so it finds a strong ally in the Church. “We aim to fill our culture with Christian spirit again. We want to burn with fire all those recent immoral events in literature, theatre and press – simply speaking, we want to destroy the poison of immorality, that penetrated our live and culture as the result of the liberalism excesses during recent years” – they say, and it works. It becomes more and more likely that in this years election PiS will secure a constitutional majority. And this is what really scares me.

Because you know what? The quote above is not from Kaczyński. Those words were spoken by Adolf Hitler*.

This piece was published in Britské Listy
Picture: Silan, via Wikipedia, CC 4.0

* The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, 1922-1939, Vol. 1 (London, Oxford University Press, 1942), pg. 871-872



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