Meanwhile in Cuckooland 139

So it’s final. The elections were, apparently, valid. Yeah, there were 20 000 protests or so, but the PiS appointed judges from the Highest Court were rejecting them en masse. For example, 4086 complaints about TVP bias against Trzaskowski were rejected on formal grounds. Apparently complainers were unable to explain how TVP bias could influence the election. If only the judges listened to TVP de facto chief (his position is formally unclear, but everyone knows he deals the cards there), Jacek Kurski, who admitted in his interview for the pro-government weekly, that “If it was not for TVP, Trzaskowski would have overwhelming victory over Duda…”

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There are also new developments regarding Smoleńsk plane crash. No, it’s not that Antoni Macierewicz’s commission finally published their research. Apparently it’s ready, but the members of the commission still haven’t read it (who wrote it then?). The truth is, though, that they make too good money playing experts to be willing to end it too quickly (it’s costs taxpayer millions and its spending is completely outside anyone’s control). But Macierewicz provided us with the spoiler. Apparently, there was an explosion: the samples show, that not only of TNT but also of RDX: an explosive popular amongst leftist terrorists!

And that sounds likely. Those leftist terrorists don’t’ stop from anything. They have attacked Jesus! Some days ago the most important monuments and statues in Warsaw were decorated with rainbowy LGBT flags. That includes a statue of Jesus carrying a cross, which was deemed to be a profanation and the prosecution is already on the case. The activists left the message saying that “as long, as the LGBT flat will be considered offensive, we’re going to provoke you!”. Seems they need to prepare for the long journey.

For now, it’s a manager from Ikea, who sacked a homophobic worker demanding for gay people to be killed that is in trouble. She faces charges of religious discrimination, punished by up to 2 years in prison, as this hateful man based his views on the bible. And apparently you can’t say some people should be killed unless you say “some people should be killed because the bible says so”. Then you’re alright and can sue for religious discrimination if somebody does not like it.

Other people that could get in trouble are the politicians from left-wing party Razem. Their office was along the route of the nationalist march celebrating Warsaw, so they displayed banners outside. One said “feminism, not fascism”. The other – “Stand up against fascism”. It seems that the nationalists celebrating the struggle against fascism does not like the idea of standing up against fascism, as they were shouting abuse and throwing bottles at Razem’s offices. The police reacted quickly – officers turned up at the Razem’s doors, demanding entry. They said that Razem has been “obstructing legal march” and wanted to book everyone present. Luckily amongst the present, there was one MP, who demanded to know the legal grounds to do so, so they backed off…

Meanwhile downstairs a reporter from – an independent portal, known for its criticism of the PiS and radical right – has been roughed up. It has been captured on the live stream:

Meanwhile, another journalist – this time from father Rydzyk’s pro-PiS TV station, has been active on the other front: he stole LGBT flag from counter-protesters, with the approval of the crowd and journalists from other nationalist media. Some footage emerged of the marchers trying to set LGBT flat it on fire, then attacking a woman who tried to take it back from them, but it’s unclear if it was not a separate incident.

PiS is doing a lot to pour fuel over this fire. Just as I am writing those words, Przemysław Czarnek a PiS MP (and a professor of law at the Catholic University of Lublin) said in Radio Maryja that “there is no doubt, that LGBT ideology growing from neo-Marxism (and this, from Marxism) grows from the same root as German Hitler’s National Socialism, which is responsible for all the evil of the WW2, destruction of Warsaw and murdering the insurgents. The root is the same. And the left side (…) can’t see that this is exactly the same”. He told his listeners how bad the situation is in the west “In there, the war for the Latin civilisation is lost, or loose. We are still at this stage where we can stop that march of evil because it is the purest evil”. Seems that he’s right, the West is already lost. In the recent decision of the EU, the towns that proclaimed themselves LGBT zones have lost some funding, as equality and non-discrimination is one of the core values of the Union. Minister Ziobro is, of course, outraged with that doggedness and discrimination coming from Brussels…

Meanwhile, those, who took part in Warsaw Uprising, apparently need some educating by professor Czarnek as well, as the veterans stood up against hate against LGBT. “We fought for Poland free from hate, where everyone is equal, where everyone can hold his own views and there is no contempt for others,” say those brave, old people. “We remember: first was the pink triangle, then the Jewish star, and then we were. That other fascism took millions of lives and now if we say LGBT people are not human, we open equally scary perspective”

Silly old women. Don’t they know that LGBT and Nazis are the same?

For now, though, the government organized different occupying forces for us. The deal done with Americans shows how much Poland “got up from its knees” under PiS rule: the Americans will be given some important Polish military installations, which will become ex-territorial US territory, the US troops will be exempt from Polish laws even in civilian and criminal matters, and the Polish government will pay through its nose for this privilege. But president Duda was able to take a selfie with Trump a few days before elections, so I guess it was all worth it…

But if you think the Polish government is brown-nosing Americans only in that way, you’ll be wrong. More and more details emerge about the heritage bridge in Plichowice, near Jelenia Góra (Younger readers might know it from the computer game “The vanishing of Ethan Carter”), which is to play a starring role in the new Mission:Impossible movie by being blown up on camera (we mentioned it here). The government finally stopped denying it. Deputy minister of culture admitted that this is the plan, but said to do not worry. Apparently “not everything old is a historic monument, especially if it’s not in the best condition and no longer in use”. I am really glad that he is not in charge of the Pyramids or Stonehenge…

Anyway, it seems that the government is lying. The bridge itself, while it could do with a new coat of paint, is in good condition – just a few years back there was a regular train service using it, which was suspended only because of the bad condition of the railway tracks. That can change though, it had emerged that someone is deliberately damaging the bridge recently. The local government is trying to take over the line to overhaul it and return trains onto it, as it’s crucial not only for local residents but also for tourism.

Meanwhile, the information provided by the minister is not true: not only Americans are not to rebuild the bridge after (why would they if they were to build a bridge anyway, surely it would be much cheaper for them to build a dummy and blow it up than to blow up this one and rebuild a proper bridge in this place), but the government is to pay them for that: the Polish Film Institute already chipped 5.5 mln zł towards the production of new Tom Cruise’s blockbuster… So again, Poland is willing to pay Americans for pleasure to have part of our historic heritage destroyed… The minister says this will be a tourist promotion, but somehow I can’t see how he is going to lure tourists with it: “Hey, remember that beautiful bridge from that movie? Despite the movie’s plot, it was not in Switzerland, it was in Poland, come and see the place where it used to be before we blew it up!”

But at least the long-awaited Polish electric car, of which a million is to be cruising on Polish roads by 2025 (as promised by PiS five years ago) is here. Or is it?

Remember that competition for the design of the body of such car I mocked in 30th chapter of this series? It seems that the government finally picked the project that will go to production. And the victor is… Someone who never took part in that competition: an Italian studio Torino Design. Surely, the job is much better than some entries (remember this?) and the YouTuber invited to do an enthusiastic movie seems to like it as well:

He focuses mostly on the look though. Because apart from the name (Izera, after the river at the Polish-Czech border between Jelenia Góra and Liberec) nothing is known yet. The two models presented by the government are mock-up dummies – only one actually drives, and only because of some random parts were thrown into it.

The government says that they have two companies interested in providing “platform” (that is, everything that is important in the electric car), and from the technical data they released one can expect, that either they are throwing some average numbers because they have no idea, or that (if we remember how quickly that technology improves) in few years we will try to release to the market a car that has average specs from a few years ago.

But anyway, this is progress. The promised Polish electric car is nearly here! We only need to find 5 billion zł somewhere, agree with some car manufacturer to sell us a platform and build a factory, in which we will stick Italian designed body on it. How hard it could be?

This piece was written for Britské Listy
Picture of the bridge in Plichowice: Marcindrews via Needpix (CC 0)



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