We live in a sad time

Falcon 9

SpaceX has a far-fetched aims. It’s ultimate goal is to start colonization of Mars. But London was not built in one day, and so they have to focus on a smaller step stones for now. One of them was to build a reusable rocket. Was – because this rocket is here. About 20 minutes ago, first stage of Falcon 9 successfully landed on a drone ship bouncing on the waves of Atlantic after launching a Dragon spacecraft into the space. 

Screenshot from SpaceX.com website

And I thought that despite it all, we leave in a very sad times.

In the 20th century people were still able to get excited about every new development in technology. And today? A billionaire who made his fortune by creating an internet payment system used by millions (and who even thought about seriously using Internet 20 years ago?), then developed an electric car that can drive itself like James Bond’s supercars spiced up by Q. This car became an Apple of the motoring world (despite the fact, that until recently nobody believed in the fact that electric cars suitable for everyday user are anywhere near), then he started a company that aims to conquer the space. And so today, in another successful attempt, a drone space ship was delivered to the orbit by a drone rocket, than then vertically landed on a drone ship cruising through the Atlantic sea. All that could be watched live in the Internet, even on your mobile phone in a quality that would be unimaginable for most of us, who grew up on VHS tapes and back-projection TV’s. The shoots of the rocket on the altitude of 17 kms was sharper than your artsy pictures that you were doing just a decade ago with your first digital camera.

And what is in the news? On the major Polish internet portal – a Handball Championships and “the best Lingerie commercial ever”. In BBC? Murdered toddler and Cameron troubles with his Panama assets. What happened that nowadays the lives of Kardashians excites more people than most significant developments in space technology for decades? Where have we made a mistake?