Smash those Ciapaks, with a holy picture if need be.

“Boję się ciapaków” – told me my old university friend. Intelligent, educated, with a diploma in difficult field from a leading Polish university. “Ciapak” is a Polish racial slur for Muslims and Arabs, but also for Indian people and other people with a darker skin. The closest English equivalent would be “Paki”. “I fear Ciapaks” – […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 71

Polish finances are quite a mysterious topic. PiS claims, that our economy is going better than ever before. Opposition believes that they are a disaster. Economic experts warn, that while at the moment are doing well, we are living on borrowed money, that would have to be paid back one day. Mateusz Morawiecki, responsible for […]

Go West – Barra and Watersay

Scottish Hebrides fell victim to its own success. World famous Isle of Skye became one of the most popular holiday destination, which means that during the summer, swarms of tourists queue in the traffic jams full of coaches and caravans or struggle to find parking space around most popular attraction. With the warm summer finally […]