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In a response to the letter of 50 ambassadors, who urged Poland to stop discriminating LBGT people, prime minister Morawiecki explained to the world what the truth is. And the truth is, you know, that for LGBT people Poland is a paradise, and they are respected far more than in any other countries. They can even march the streets demanding to have some rights, as long as they respect, that some other people might have different opinions. It’s Poland that offers them a chance to live in a truly free and tolerant society, unlike some other countries that submitted to political correctness that severely limit human rights to call LGBT people are “not equal to normal people” and deny them basic human rights (more on that later). So, according to Morawiecki if you believed that in Poland LGBT people are discriminated, you fell for fake news and leftist propaganda, started by Bart Staszewski, who placed a signs informing about town and villages that introduced resolutions that oppose LGBT. You see, it’s not those towns and villages who are so against LGBT, it’s the leftist activist who made it known to the world who is to blame.

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You can see Morawiecki’s speech about how tolerant Polish society is (with English subtitles) here:

If you rather watched someone who is honest in what he speaks, you can watch this interesting interview with a man wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Margot is a cocksucker” proudly tells everyone about how he beat up Margot, a transsexual activist.

EDIT: Youtube has deleted this material. Here is a link to an article about it. 

Meanwhile in Kozienice, a 12 years old girl commited suicide. Allegedly she has been bullied by her fellow student on the basis on her sexuality. Apparently that poor girl was unaware about how great her life can be in Poland as an LGBT person. In reaction, the ministry of Education had names of her and other LGBT people who committed suicide due to unbearable levels of homophobia, sprayed on its walls. The outgoing minister of education call it barbarism. No, not the bullying of homosexual people to death. The graffiti. Interestingly enough, there was no press conference outside the “EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT – ALL ARE EQUAL” mural in Wrocław, that just after few days of being finished has been vandalized with vulgar slogans and symbols of extreme right… That’s apparently OK for the government.

But why left wing activists decided to spray names on the ministry of education? That’s because of the new nomination. With the government reshuffle, there will be new head of this ministry: Przemysław Czarnek. You might remember him as a man, who claims that “LGBT people are not equal to normal people, and talking about human rights in their context is an idiocy”. Or who claims that “LBGT ideology comes from the same root than nazism, the ideology responsible for all evil of World War 2”. He is known for some other interesting views. According to him, for example, LGBT is also responsible for church paedophilia, corporate punishment of children is necessary and “women making careers end in tragic consequences, as if women has first child at 30 then how many children she can bear”. The latter last year made her PhD in biology (despite having no academic achievements at all, if we believe her own website) just in 7 months: obviously she was in rush to start popping out children out of her vagina as soon, as possible.

His views are controversial even in PiS: the newest reforms to the Museum of World War 2 resulted in an exhibition, that teaches us, that it was not the Nazis, who started the war, but Marx, Engels and Nietsche, who’s philosophical works denied existence of God. So it’s even more controversial that he is to become the men responsible for the education of the future generation. It just fits into my private theory, that Kaczyński appoints people ironically – in his government they don’t have much to say anyway, but at least the opposition and public see it as another spit in their face. And truly, his appointment probably means, that there will be some outrageous things taught in Polish schools, but what’s the problem: if students don’t like it, they can always close their eyes. At least this is what parents were told when they protested that a pro-life activist played a drastic a brutal clip to their teenage children.

Some say that even God got pissed off with Czarnek’s nomination, as soon after soon-to-be minister announced that he got positive results on COVID-19. “I had a headache, so I went for my test” he said. If it’s true, that PiS politicians don’t get special treatment by the health service I have to say I am impressed. Because it’s not so easy to be tested for COVID, or actually to get any access to health service in Poland. Especially now, in the times of social distancing, where surgeries had to introduce various safety measures. In Tarnobrzeg, for example, if you want to speak to a doctor, you need to call the surgery (which is nearly impossible, as the lines are always busy) and make the appointment for telephone consultation. At the agreed time you have to call the surgery again (no, the doctor won’t call you, it’s up to you to call the main switchboard of the surgery – you know, the one that has all the lines busy all the time). If you are lucky to achieve that and obtain a the referral then all that’s left for you is to go to the surgery to get the document into your hands. But no, you won’t be let inside. It’s too dangerous for sick people to enter doctor’s surgeries nowadays. You need to go across the lawn and then through some shrubs to the back of the building, until you’ll find a long stick leaning against the wall. You then need use this stick to bang onto the window sill of the nurses’ room, approx 2 metres up, so they can hear you, open the window, and throw the document at you. Ingenious, isn’t it?

But don’t worry. The pandemics is soon to be over. Maybe the numbers of new infections skyrocketted recently, but at least employees of Santary-Epidemiological Inspectorate are busy. They just participated in pilgrimage to Jasna Góra to see the Black Madonna. “We are poor institution, with staff shortage, but we managed. We showed everyone how needed we are” – said the chief of that institution. I am not sure if he meant dealing with COVID or marching to Częstochowa, though.

But of course company pilgrimages are not the only ways to spend your time at work. If you prefer, you can for example read a book. In the Lublin’s prosecutor office for example you can borrow a book entitled “Why there was a need of ‘good change’ in the Arabian horse studs” by Krzysztof Jurgiel, agriculture minister responsible for that ‘good change’, which resulted in that those world famous institutions history spanning over two centuries are today a mere shade of their former glory, at the verge of bankruptcy. I, for one, would really want to read why this change was needed.

But if you rather watch “good change” in real time, you have chance to do it. After the chief of the world famous university clinic in Wrocław has been replaced with a man with experience smaller by order of magnitude, allegedly a PiS nominate, every single doctor, who worked in that clinic, quit the job. And so just like that the clinic with a team of doctors known for its world-breaking achievements, such as transplanting a hand to someone born without one, ceased to exist overnight. Another success of “good change” – there will be more jobs for friends and family of PiS activists!

And this is not the only success on that field! Government, still set at making Poland the major producer of electric vehicles in Europe, just purchased an electric bus division of Rafako. This company, that until 2018 had nothing to do with automotive industry, so far manufactured 2 vehicles (yes, two). The government claims, that they can produce 300 buses within two years (which will be the nice adition to those hundreds of thousands of electric cars the government have already produc… ah, wait… Never mind, forget it). But, wait, the government already owns Autosan, a bus manufacturer with 150 years of history and over half of century of bus making. So what is Rafako needed for? Or is it the other way round, perhaps? Could it be, that Rafako, being the manufacturer of coal burning boilers and other devices for fossil fuel energy industry has uncertain future and simply needs money, and luckily it just happens that it’s vice-chairman is a former deputy minister for Morawiecki?

Government paid Rafako 31 000 000 for those two buses and miniscule amount of know-how. It could probably pay more if not for the fact, that the budget is in terrible shape. The attempt to organize illegal postal election in may costed the tax payer 70 000 000, which is not a small sum. We should be happy then, that the government decided to save money on investigating this enormous waste of money. True, the obliging prosecutor who made that decision might get some bonus or pay rise, but surely it is nothing compared to what would such investigation cost. And even if minister Jacek Sasin was found guilty, it does not matter: he would rather not be able to pay back 70 000 000. He is unlikely to have so much money, I doubt anyone in PiS have stolen so much! So it’s great that the government is cutting costs where it really matters!

This column was written for Britské Listy. 
Collage used pictures “Poseł Przemysław Czarnek w Sejmie” by Adrian Grycuk
and “100 Jahre Fatima-Wunder in Krakau, Allpolnische Jugend, Homophobische Angriffe” by Silar,
Creative Commons licence 3.0 and 4.0 respectively. 




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