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Finally, the truth about the vaccines is out! A strange uniformed organization, a bit of crossover between Slavic Rodnovery, Neo-Nazis and paramilitary anti-Semitic organization, calling themselves “Bydgoskie Bractwo Rodaków – Bydgoszcz Camaraderie of the Countrymen” organized a “March for freedom and health” in their city. During that march, one could learn that “the history is making a circle, and by using apartheid they want to bring communism unseen by the world so far”. Who are they, you might want to ask?

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Well, that’s the stupid question, innit? It is known. After all, the second world war was a part of the same conspiracy. Hitler started it only to murder Slavs and so that the state of Israel could be created. He lived happily until the 1960s and ensured that Poland is ruled by the Jews from Russia. In 1989, the Jews sold out the country to America and Western corporations. And now they came up with that Plandemic conspiracy! The doctors are paid in shekels, and all the leading Polish politicians are in fact Jews using fake names (clips from that march could be found here). The participants got carried away with their anti-Jewish propaganda, so the real point of the march – their opposition to vaccinations and further lock-downs – got a bit lost in the noise.

But luckily, there were others to carry the standard. In Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a mob of anti-vaxxers attacked the vaccination centre. The police were present, but weren’t too keen to intervene, even though one of the leaders of the attackers was a woman, and they like to smash women with their batons, as we learned during the women’s strike. Two people were arrested, but only after they attacked police officers. In Śląsk, another mob attacked and vandalized the ambulance. This time the police was also present – on the clip uploaded to the internet by one of the attackers the police officers can be heard politely asking him to speak quieter:

The paramedics were called “mass killers” and “murderers”. The minister of health (or, as the right-wing MP Grzegorz Braun, who happened to be there with the protesters, called him: “minister of sickness”) was also compared to doctor Mengele in yet another stand-off with anti-vaxxers:

Apparently, the police, nor the government is willing to act on that. And there is a reason for that: PiS lost steam a bit, even their new economic program called “The New Order/Polish Order” (see more here) sponsored by the EU funds failed to bring them the new following as expected – perhaps because they keep attacking the EU and those funds might be eventually cut off and most people are not idiots and can see that. Meanwhile, with Tusk back, they will need as many voters as they can manage, and there is no chance they will gain new following more to the left from themselves, so their only hope is to attract the radical right, hence their cozy attitude towards anti-vaxxers. The MP’s from the ruling coalition created Parliamentary Commission [against] Sanitarism (despite the strange name, it’s all about opposing vaccines – they define “Sanitarism” as the political movement to submit all aspects of human lives to fighting epidemics, so they are basically New World Order style conspiracy theorists). Also, president Duda keeps winking to the anti-vaxxing community. Yet another time, by encouraging anti-vaxxers and covid-conspiracy groups, the PiS is ready to sacrifice lives for their political gain.

This is nothing new, so nobody is even surprised anymore when they sacrifice other people’s comfort for their own: Gazeta Wyborcza reported that the train locomotive that can provide air-conditioning had conveniently broken down just next to the two cars that would host VIP’s for 15 minutes during some celebratory opening for the new investments. Broken down only partially, that is, the air conditioning bit was still working – unlike in the older cargo model that was sent with a cross-country train full of paying passengers in 36C heat.

But this is just child play, of course. The serious stuff is happening elsewhere – like in the government’s program of sewing face masks that turned out to be another scam. The companies contracted by the government produced 178 million overpriced face masks, of which the vast chunk does not meet any standards and are basically useless. But the right companies (and middle-men, such as a family friend of Mateusz Morawiecki) earned what they were supposed to earn…

Of course, nobody even hopes that the prosecutors will deal with the case. PiS and its protegees are above the law, as we recently learned when the case of a driver, who a few months ago deliberately drove into a group of protesting women with his car and then fled the scene (see more here). He was found to be an agent of one of the government agencies, and so the prosecution quietly dropped the case. Apparently, there were “no indications of crime, or putting people’s lives at risk”.

I let you judge for yourself if that could be true:

There was also an example of political corruption: the PiS MP who has recently left the party is now back, after getting cozy a job of the government’s controlled bank. There are also new e-mails leaked from that minister’s account, from which we learn new things about how the PiS government operates. “We have a project, but we need the green light and some cash because with this cunt Adamczyk (minister of infrastructure) and that drunkard, chief of the infrastructure commission, there is nothing we could talk about. They did shit over two years and I hope this fucktard from Kraków will be kicked out from the government” – wrote one of the MP’s to the prime minister. Apparently, her diplomatic skills worked, as the government soon secured funding for the bridge she needed.

It is obvious, that they don’t even try to pretend anymore. PIS came to power accusing the previous government of “stealing”. During 6 years of their rule that has evolved through “they were stealing more” “we steal, but at least we give money to the people” to “we steal and you can do fuck all about it”. PiS already know they have nothing to lose, therefore they go all steam ahead taking everyone head on – our relations with the EU were never worse, the relations with our neighbors deteriorate as well (see: conflict with the Czech Republic about the Turów coal mine), and now, since their beloved Trump has lost power in America, they destroy the relations with the USA as well – not only by trying to take over TV station owned by an American holding, but also by refusing to accept the new US Ambassador: the government blocks candidacy of Mark Brzezinski who was nominated to be a US Ambassador in Poland under the false pretext that he is a Polish citizen and as such cannot represent foreign power in Poland (Mark Brzezinski never had, or never applied for Polish citizenship but they claim since he is the son of Zbigniew Brzeziński, he has one by birth and need to ask Polish president to revoke it). I doubt that an unexpected announcement of the Polish purchase of 250 M1 Abrams tanks from Americans would be sufficient to fix relations between Warsaw and Washington. By the way: such a big order to be fulfilled at such short notice means, that Americans canceled their own order. So basically we are helping Americans by buying stuff the US Army ordered but no longer needs since they pulled out from Afghanistan. And experts point out that we won’t’ have much use of them as well, as they are too heavy for most of the bridges in the part of the country they are supposed to operate (which is, as you could easily guess, the East), which American army, that stations here, already learned.

But for now, at least we can hope for some entertainment. Jarosław Kaczyński is suing a right-wing journalist, who investigated long-standing rumors that he’s gay and claims those accusations might be true. This theory is pretty much popular, and its proponents claim, that the fact that Kaczyński is gay and was even in a relationship was used by the communist secret police to blackmail Kaczyński and that documents proving that might be now in possession of Antoni Macierewicz, which would explain why he still has so much influence and power in PiS despite being considered by pretty much everyone to be a complete loony.

Many remember that recently people offended by Kaja Godek’s slander of gay people had to prove in court that they are gay (see here), and hope to have fun watching Kaczyński having to prove that he’s hetero. But don’t hold your breath, as what Kaczyński sued the journalist for is just a breach of privacy – to which the defendant argues that this information lies in the public interest as Kaczyński is fueling the anti-LGBT movement as a part of his political strategy. Still, it’s going to be interesting.

But for now, there is a slow-news time, so we could read in the paper that Jacek Kurski, the chief of the government propaganda outlet TVP had personally delivered all the flowers received on the anniversary of his (second – after all, he is a true Polish Catholic) marriage to the grave of the late president Kaczyński. What a touching gesture, worthy of a truly impartial chief of the Public broadcaster.

If you hope for more interesting news, wait “until the Sun goes around the planet Earth again” – as the host of a major news program from TVP said – and then come back to watch the government TV in hope of something interesting. You might even spot a Superman! Or at least his female cousin, or something – like that lady who is just like Clark Kent: when she wears her glasses, she is a State Forest spokesperson, but when she takes them off, she becomes just a random tourist approached by the government TVP who happens to be very enthusiastic about State Forest’s actions!

This piece was written for Britské Listy
Picture: author unknown, based on screenshots from TVP.



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