Meanwhile in Cuckooland 29

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Rejected women can become really desperate. PiS Activist Anna Kamińska is such a women. After her ex-husband, PiS MP, left her and got involved with another lady, she can’t stop with thinking about new ideas to get him back.

First, she proposed a law banning single and divorced men from serving as MP’s (more on that here). Then she wrote a poem to her husband, calling for him to get back to her in the name of God (you can see this poem in that chapter of our series). Finally, she have decided to reach for ultimate weapon: tits. She went to a tabloid, when she posed for sexy photo session that was complementing the article entitled “God will give me love”. I wonder is she means directly, or indirectly – by providing her with a sizeable breast that could help her lure a lover?

Sadly, a would-be passenger of the Ecolines coach had no such qualities, that could make his life easier. On the contrary: the gift given by God to this unfortunate man was a dark skin, as he arrived to Poland from Togo. Despite the fact that this black man had a valid ticked and proper ID, he was refused right to board the coach from Warsaw to Berlin. The coach driver claimed, that he “surely has a knife, as he must be a terrorist”. None of 60 or so passengers stood up for the man, nor the Police called to the incident was willing to do anything. The officers explained, that “they cannot force driver to let him onto the bus”. So far Ecolines declined to comment. EDIT: According to Ecolines, the passenger was not allowed on board due to the fact, that he refused to pay for excess baggage. 

Anyway, the role of the Police in today’s Poland seems to be no longer doing what it is supposed to. But what they do, they do at massive scale. This month’s Smoleńsk month-inversary was protected by hundreds of officers, who forcibly removed peaceful protesters who sat on the ground after they were denied right to join the official celebrations. The protest was inspired by a group calling themselves Obywatele RP (Citizens of Republic of Poland) who protest against PiS using Smoleńsk crash and religion for political gain. Afraid of their power, PiS recently changed the law on protest in such a way, that monthly Smoleńsk celebration have now priority over other events, and no event can be registered anywhere nearby on that day. This law is obviously unconstitutional, but with Constitutional Tribunal being taken over by PiS, there is no one to defend citizen’s right. Obywatele RP, after their right to stage a counter-manifestation was denied, decided to peacefully join official Smoleńsk rallies, expressing their protest in silence by holding white roses. Those flowers, alluding to die Weiße Rose movement in Nazi Germany, were last month dubbed by Kaczyński as a “symbol of stupidity and hate” (see more here), yet the truth is that he don’t want anyone to spoil his monthly ritual of spitting hate and stupidity himself. Therefore this month protesters were welcomed by massive police force:

Obywatele RP were denied right to join the official manifestation on its way to the church, so they resolved to block the way from the church to presidential palace, where monthly speech about “the truth about Smoleńsk being just around the corner, the truth prevailing and victory being his” by Kaczyński usually take place. The peaceful protesters were carried away by the police to the nearby courtyard, where they were NOT detained. According to journalist from Polityka, the biggest Polish weekly, that was amongst the protesters, they were told that they are not arrested, or detained, and as such are free to go, but the courtyard were surrounded by overwhelming police forces that were preventing them from getting out. Captured people called their lawyers, but those were not allowed to speak with the protesters, as the right to speak with the lawyer applies only to arrestees or detainees, and in the eyes of law those people were free. Amongst the protesters carried away by the police was also Władysław Frasyniuk, one of the legendary leaders of Solidarność in 1980’s. For many years he wasn’t in any way involved in politics, but is known for that he is not afraid to openly express his disdain to Jarosław Kaczyński and his actions. Now he will be accused of attacking a police officer on duty, when the independent footage is clear that he was merely responding to policeman trying to push him around. When Frasyniuk with others were surrounded by the police, the crowd was heard chanting “Uwolnić Frasyniuka” – “Free Władysław Frasyniuk”, a slogan that hasn’t been heard since 1980’s, when Frasyniuk was sentenced for 6 years in prison for his political activity…

But legends of the anti-communist opposition were not the only people who could enjoy being carried by a police officers recently. The peaceful blockade of harvesting machinery in Puszcza Białowieska was also forcibly removed by the police again. Protesters demanded to stop logging and allow independent scientists to investigate, if the cuts are really to prevent spread of spruce bark beetle, as claimed by Ministry of Environment, or the beetle is simply used as a cover to allow for logging of centuries-old trees in protected parts of the forest.

Despite police breaking down the protest, the scientists have indeed arrived at Białowieża forest, only to be turned away by the police and Forestry Guards under the pretext, that the forest is closed to public for safety. As pointed by Adam Wajrak, leading nature writer and environmental activist, this was against the law, as ban on entry to the forest do not apply to scientists carrying work in the field of environmental protection.

As if destroying one of the most important forests in Europe was not enough, the Ministry of Environment considers to give another treat to hunters – they want to allow shooting of moose, which are enjoying strict protection in Poland since 2002. Apparently we have too much of this protected species now and people are dying because of them.

Safety of Polish citizens is PiS biggest concern. This is why Mariusz Błaszczak, minister of interior, announced that police will issue negative opinion on the Przystanek Woodstock festival, organized by Jurek Owsiak, charismatic leader of charity organization Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. This free entry, open air festival is one of the biggest events of this kind in Europe, and for many years was considered to be also the safest. Yet when Jurek Owsiak said, that he would have nothing against refugees from Germany joining the crowds and enjoying the music, the government had to react. This, and the fact, that according to Błaszczak, Owsiak is “closely involved with total opposition” is enough to give negative opinion. Which might be a bit awkward, as the police has already issued their opinion on this year’s Woodstock safety, and it’s positive. But as we learn from the above examples, Police’s job is no longer to ensure the law is observed. In 2017 Poland, Police’s duty is to enforce decisions of PiS, so the opinion might be indeed changed.

As long as Police will fullfill PiS’ demands, it can be sure, that breaking the law by the police officers will be covered up by PiS politicians. During parliamentary debate regarding death of Igor Stachowiak killed and tortured by the police officers (see here), there is no need to seek consequences against guilty, as people were dying at police stations under previous government as well, not to mention Smoleńsk crash. Apparently for Kaczyński it’s Donald Tusk’s government to blame for Smoleńsk, and yet nobody resigned, so why anyone should resign over death of some young man?

Although with all Smoleńsk related things, it’s getting a bit confused, as Antoni Macierewicz, minister of defence, openly accussess Russia of involvement as well. Although if anyone was taking him seriously, there would be a harsh diplomatic repercussions already, obviously then he is considered to be a cuckoo even by his own colleagues from the government, as well as by the government of Russia as this is not the first time he accused Russia, and yet no reaction so far from either of them. Luckily, as some think that such claims can be considered as an act of war against our bigger neighbour.

But we don’t need Russia to have explosives falling on our heads. Polish police is more than happy to sort that for us. During the action of SWAT units in Podhale region, the grenades fell off the police helicopter when it was leaning to the side to perform a sharp turn. Luckily they weren’t depressed, so no explosion occurred, but despite extensive search not a single one of them was found. One of PiS politicians expressed recently his fears, that if Poles had guns, they could turn against their government. Apparently some of Highlanders decided to start arming themselves already…

This piece was published in Britske Listy
Picture: Public Domain via Pixabay



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