A crisis-proof industry.

Although Britons complain, that their country is no longer manufacturing power as it used to be, they can still be proud of the fact, that Britain is really strong in advanced technologies. But there is one more industry that Britain leads the world. It is applied trafficconeology. In that field, Britain comes second to none.  Everyone […]

Celebrities that matter to you

I am not interested in celebrities, but recent developments in that field cannot be ignored.  British media are already on full-blown diarrhea on the subject of birth of the Royal Baby. Tabloids are racing to be first to inform about such important and unheard of developments as “grandma and granddad visited hospital” or “members of […]

Welcome to the real World

This article is in response to Amy Mackinnon’s article on graduate employment, ‘Never had it s good?‘ Amy Mackinnon’s recent piece on graduate unemployment provoked discussion amongst me and my Polish friends. Some said “what’s the point of publishing this, it’s nothing new”. But although it might be old story for all us Poles, it […]