Refugees like us

  Although for the few years we managed to maintain a feeling that tragedy in Syria is „someone else’s problem”, today we cannot ignore it any longer – those „someones” are already here, they are at our borders, they camp at the Slovenian borders or try to cross in leaky bathtubs across Mediterrain Sea. So […]

Why Poles in UK get frustrated.

Although it was probably no surprise to anyone that today’s „Polish strike” turned out to be total failure (on demonstration outside Westminster journalists strongly outnumbered protesters), the frustration of some Poles is a fact. Some Britons cannot really see why, after all we are free to settle in this country and are treated nicely and seen […]

Parasites of the market.

Economy and social life in many ways reproduce phenomenons of nature. We have fight for survival, cooperation and symbiosis and survival of the fittest. So have we parasites as well. As in nature, parasites feed of the good off others, without giving anything in exchange. And I don’t want to write about thieves – as […]

A crisis-proof industry.

Although Britons complain, that their country is no longer manufacturing power as it used to be, they can still be proud of the fact, that Britain is really strong in advanced technologies. But there is one more industry that Britain leads the world. It is applied trafficconeology. In that field, Britain comes second to none.  Everyone […]

Celebrities that matter to you

I am not interested in celebrities, but recent developments in that field cannot be ignored.  British media are already on full-blown diarrhea on the subject of birth of the Royal Baby. Tabloids are racing to be first to inform about such important and unheard of developments as “grandma and granddad visited hospital” or “members of […]