Meanwhile in Cuckooland 185

Finally, the truth about the vaccines is out! A strange uniformed organization, a bit of crossover between Slavic Rodnovery, Neo-Nazis and paramilitary anti-Semitic organization, calling themselves “Bydgoskie Bractwo Rodaków – Bydgoszcz Camaraderie of the Countrymen” organized a “March for freedom and health” in their city. During that march, one could learn that “the history is […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 176

If you are told that the Government Commission for Paedophilia Investigation is just a puppet body that does nothing, you might want to re-evaluate that opinion. I decided to reevaluate it when I heard that it demanded the Episcopate to provide it with all data from curia and church courts regarding the crimes of paedophilia. […]

Meanwhile in Cuckooland 167

The never-ending series about Daniel Obajtek (see previous chapters of that series), a “wonderful manager” and one of Kaczyński’s favourites, who turns out to have a lot of shady deals left and right, and by now looks like the king of crooks – if we believe independent media and the opposition – follows the Alfred […]